Women Doing More Housework And Childcare Than Men During Lockdown, According To Study

Uh oh, best hide behind the sofa men. According to the survey from The Office for National Statistic (ONS), blokes are doing more than an hour less of housework and childcare than women every day.

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Now, this won’t come as a shock to most women, but it seems that men aren’t pulling their weight around the house. Whether it is cleaning the dishes, making tea or any other household chores, according to the ONS survey women are doing much more than men.

The ‘essential tasks’ include: caring for children or adults and housework.
essential tasks such as caring for children or adults and housework. Although men have increased their workload from just 22 minutes in pre-lockdown to two hours and 25 minutes a day during the lockdown. Women are doing one hour and seven minutes more than men. The average woman spends three hours and 32 minutes doing unpaid labour.

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The survey was taken into account times between March 28th and April 26th 2020. The data comes from The ONS Time Use survey, which takes into account the time between March 28th and April 26th 2020. Looks like some men are going to want to change their ways after this uncomfortable fact is mentioned over tea tonight, which they should now be cooking.

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