Wakey Wines Makes ‘Best’ Viral Video Yet With Brilliant Tribute

Wakey Wines Makes ‘Best’ Viral Video Yet With Brilliant Tribute

If you haven’t heard of Wakey Wines yet, you’ve likely been living under a rock – because the Wakefield off-license has been blowing up all over social media, and followers think they’ve made their best video yet.

Gaining quite the name for themselves online after selling cans of the sought-after drink Prime for over £100 a can, Wakey Wines has been raking it in recent weeks – with people traveling from far and wide to spend thousands in the shop just to get hold of the hydration drink created by KSI and Logan Paul.

Despite selling cult-favourite snacks and drinks, it’s their videos on Instagram and Tiktok that fans enjoy the most, with one of their most recent going viral thanks to one small, innocent dedication.

Shared on Instagram, the video starts off the same as the others, with a customer joining the shop’s owner in the video to show off what they’ve purchased at Wakey Wines.

Lauren, the customer in the video, can be seen holding a huge bag of that shop’s own-branded WFD sweets, before saying “massive shout out to everyone in Creswell”, before things take an unexpected turn and she adds “And my girlfriend in HMP!”

Naturally, the comments have been pure gold, with some saying “Ending made me spit out my prime” and “What [in] the Jeremy Kyle is this”.

Other followers dubbed the video the “Best one yet”.

Watch it for yourself below:

KSI recently called out the viral off-license for reselling the Prime drink over the RRP, saying in an interview: “There’s a guy called ‘Wakey Wines’ and I don’t know if it’s a joke or not, but either way it’s terrible practice.

“People want to try these drinks and they have not got the chance to try the drinks.

“They see me promote it and I know a lot of people are inspired by me and interested in the things that I promote… so when people saw that I was promoting Prime they wanted to try it.

“But, now you have people who are bulk buying and selling it for stupid prices and taking advantage of the hype and I hate it.”

The business faced a temporary ban on Tiktok for advertising the product at such high prices, but they appear to be back in action already.

[Featured image: Wakey Wines]

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