This Leeds Restaurant Serves Up A Finger Lickin’ Bottomless Brunch Of Fried Chicken

A brunch for those who aren’t into brunch, Yard & Coop has created the perfect way to start the day – and there’s not an ounce of avocado in sight. Who wouldn’t want to chow down on some crispy chicken anytime of day?

Combining the core principles of bottomless brunch with seriously tasty buttermilk fried chicken (the very thing that Yard & Coop are loved for), the event kicks off at 12pm every Saturday – featuring two courses to chow down on and a selection of bottomless drinks to polish it off with.

Credit: Yard & Coop

Giving guests two options to choose from for each course, brunch starts off with a chicken or veggie ‘tacro’ – which is a croissant made into a taco – stuffed with scrambled eggs and other breakfast-y items, followed by a huge portion of either buttermilk chicken pancakes (lathered in maple syrup, may I add) or the buttermilk chicken waffle burger.

Drinks-wise, there’s Prosecco, mimosas or the Yard Pilsner to choose from, all of which come in the bottomless variety, with the whole experience lasting til 3pm.

Credit: Yard & Coop

Bottomless drinks are available for 90 minutes, and the venue even usually hosts entertainment as part of the event from 1pm. Naturally, excessive drinking isn’t permitted, so you’ll need to finish one drink before asking for a refill – but in terms of value for money, Yorkshire folk will be pretty pleased to hear that the two courses plus bottomless drinks ring in at just £25pp.

Credit: Yard & Coop

Reservations must be booked ahead of the event, and bookings are open for the next few Saturdays now.

Yard & Coop has three venues across the North, with restaurants in Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool. It’s one of our favourite places for fried chicken, we’d highly recommend giving it a go this summer.

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