This New Lego Cafe In Sheffield Is A Big Kids Paradise

This New Lego Cafe In Sheffield Is A Big Kids Paradise

Check it out – there’s a mega family-run Lego cafe that just kicked off in Sheffield city centre. This place, called Builder’s Brew, sits on East Parade right across from Sheffield Cathedral.

And guess what? It’s not just about grabbing a bite and a coffee – it’s a total building paradise for all ages. James Beech is the brains behind this Lego hot spot, and he’s partnered up with his wife Laura to make it happen.

Credit: Build’s Brew

If you’re wanting to let out your inner big kid then this is the place to do it! They’ve go all kinds of builds just waiting to be played with.

According to James, he was totally into Lego when he was a kid, and he’s passed down the Lego love to his own kids. So, the idea of having a legit Lego cafe in Sheffield was a no-brainer for him, The Star reports.

The twist? There’s nothing like it around. But why’s Builder’s Brew so special? Well, it’s not just a daytime hang for families.

Check out what to expect at Builder’s Brew below:

They keep the doors open in the evenings, making it a perfect pitstop after work, for chill date nights, or even post-uni hangouts. And listen up, on weekends, they’re all about the fam jam. What sets them apart, you ask?

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Instead of just plopping down some Lego bricks on tables, they’ve got a stellar range of different Lego sets for you to pick from. So, it’s all about assembling cool sets rather than just messing around with random bricks.

This place is like a Lego paradise with hundreds of sets and thousands of those sweet, little bricks. Think Star Wars and Harry Potter sets, and more. You’ve got options, my friend – either go for the 300-piece deal that takes about an hour to put together, or aim big with larger sets.

Credit: Builder’s Brew

Oh, and kiddos aren’t left out either. They’ve got Duplo sets for the little tikes aged 18 months and up. Plus, vintage sets for a hit of nostalgia.

And for the free spirits out there, they’ve got freestyle trays loaded with loose bricks.

Not only do they have the fantastic or should a say brick-tastic activities, but they also sell fantastic food 7 drink including Yorkshire Tea, a range of coffees and baked goods are available as well.

Builder’s Brew is up and running from 10 am to 10 pm on weekends, and from 6 pm to 10 pm on weekdays. Just a heads up – they might switch things up during school holidays. So, how much will this Lego adventure set you back?

It’s a smooth £3 per person for an hour of building bliss. Plus, they’ve got grub up for grabs if your belly starts growling. Get your Lego game on at Builder’s Brew!

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