Yorkshire Folk Have Been Named The Friendliest Neighbours In The UK

Yorkshire Folk Have Been Named The Friendliest Neighbours In The UK

Neighbours… Who’d have ’em, ey? Well… Most of us kinda have to – and if there’s one thing that’s for sure, having a nightmarish neighbour is among one of the worst first world problems there is. But apparently, Yorkshire folk needn’t worry too much about that.

Gathering data about neighbours across the UK, Greenall’s Gin recently conducted a survey asking participants across the UK about theirs, and the results came in Yorkshire and the Humber’s favour.

When asking how close participants were with their neighbours, it turned out that 15% of those from Yorkshire responded that they were pretty pally with theirs – topping the list and proving what we already knew (that people from Yorkshire are by far the friendliest!).

Check out the full list below:

Yorkshire and the Humber: 15.06%
London: 11.98%
North West: 4.86%
South East: -3.14%
East Midlands: -3.33%
Scotland: -4.37%
North East: -6.25%
West Midlands: -8.06%
East Anglia: -8.20%
South West: -10.68%
Wales: -13.27%

It looks like things changed for the better during lockdown, too, with 5% of respondents revealing they’d struck up a romantic relationship with a neighbour as a result of the UK lockdown. Saucy. Overall, community spirit seems to have increased in recent months too – with 17% agreeing that the weekly ‘Clap for Carers’ brought them closer with their neighbours.

So, there you have it… Yorkshire, you never let us down.