Yorkshire Is Home To The Largest Poo Ever That Shows Diet Of Man Responsible 1,000 Years Later

Yorkshire Is Home To The Largest Poo Ever That Shows Diet Of Man Responsible 1,000 Years Later

I sometimes shed a tear at the fact that Yorkshire is home to the largest poo ever recorded. Couldn’t be prouder. As well as the sense of pride that comes with it, the poo also gives us an insight into the diet of people from more than 1,000 years ago.

Yorkshire has a lot to be proud of, the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales, its stunning coastline and its rich history. And, speaking of its rich history, Yorkshire has a proud trophy in the form of a huge crap, and by huge, we mean record-breaking huge.

The huge poo measures a massive 20cm (8 inches) long and 5cm (2 inches) wide and is located at Jorvik Viking Centre where you can visit it on display. Not only is it the largest, but also the most expensive

We know what you’re thinking – ouch.

Credit: Jorvik Viking Centre

It’s said to be the most valuable poo on record and is estimated to be worth around $39,000 USD (£27,482.52 GDP) and is fully covered by insurance.

It was found under the York branch of Lloyds back in 1972 by York Archaeological Trust – and has helped with an insight into diets back in the day.

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The find was interesting for scientists as well as historians who discovered some interesting insights into the diet of the time from more than 1,000 years ago.

The person who laid the ‘golden egg’ is presumed to be a Viking, and his diet is said to have been made up of primarily meat and bread as the poo is ‘moist and peaty’

The found that the Viking was poorly nourished and had a lot of parasitic intestinal works as hundreds of eggs were discovered in his poo.

LADBible reported that Gill Snape, a student conservator at the York Archaeological Trust, had previously said: “Whoever passed it probably hadn’t performed for a few days, shall we say.

“This guy had very itchy bowels.”

Also as we have previously reported Dr Andrew Jones said: “This is the most exciting piece of excrement I’ve ever seen. In its own way, it’s as irreplaceable as the Crown Jewels.”

It has been on display at Jorvik Viking Centre since 2008, so if you fancy seeing one of the most expensive poos in the world – get visiting. We know we are strangely fascinated to see it.

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Feature Image Credit: Credit: Linda Spashett Storye book/CC BY 2.5

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