A Tiktoker Has Created A Christmas Dinner Sarnie In Yorkshire Puds & It’s Delicious

A Tiktoker Has Created A Christmas Dinner Sarnie In Yorkshire Puds & It’s Delicious

We’re obsessed with this new festive creation from food blogger Lily Ghodrati, a recipe developer and food blogger who recently appeared on Channel 4 and Netflix’s ‘Crazy Delicious’. She’s created the ultimate Christmas dinner sandwich, which replaces bread with two Yorkshire puddings – yum.

Yorkshire Pudding Christmas Sandwich
Credit: LilyGhodrati

Her video has gone viral on TikTok with over 1 million views and 40k likes. The sandwich is layered with a Yorkshire pudding on the bottom with mash, stuffing, turkey, cranberry sauce, sprouts, peas, and carrots then topped with another Yorkshire pudding.

The whole thing is pressed in the grill and then dipped in gravy. It’s an inspired creation, and we’d love to try it. We don’t know about you guys, but we could eat about ten of these beauties, and have room for more. Definitely something different to try this festive period.

People on TikTok went crazy for the creative sarnie with one person writing: “Jesus thanks god there was gravy at the end.” Some people weren’t happy about the standard of gravy with one person writing “absolutely criminal how watery that gravy is.”

It’s no surprise that Lily Ghpdrati features on ‘Crazy Delicious’ with none other than Heston Blumenthal. The show challenges three cooks to impress the ‘food goods’ by foraging in an entirely edible fantasy garden and creating something magical.

The food blogger has over 100k followers on her TikTok and creates such fantastic grub that you’re sure to have food envy. She turns everyday foods like croissants, sweetcorn, ice cream and more. For Halloween, she made a pumpkin cheesecake creme brûlée, which sounds like the perfect dessert for the time of year.

Check out her TikTok here for more inspired creations.

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Feature Image Credit: LilyGhodrati

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