Yorkshire’s Favourite Sex Positions Have Been Revealed, According To Study

Yorkshire’s Favourite Sex Positions Have Been Revealed, According To Study

Naughty Yorkshire folk! What have you been searching? First dogging, and now this. As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s only natural that our minds start drifting towards certain things, presents, food and of course sex. Well, website OnBuy, has been analysing Google search volumes nationwide to find out what the UK has been looking for on the internet. 

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To achieve the results, OnBuy.com surveyed respondents from each UK town or city with a population of 100,000+ people. They simply asked: “what is your favourite sex position?”

The company searched over 60 sex positions and identified the most and least searched sex positions in the UK. The number one spot was the Eagle with 150,730 searches – made famous thanks to Love Island. The second most searched term was 69 with 11,660 searches, followed closely by the standard missionary position with 11,420 searches.

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Double the amount of cities preferred the Eagle position, which I’d never heard of until today, than Missionary. Good old Yorkshire kept it weird with 69 being the number one choice of position, with over a third of the votes. There were some surprises in the Yorkshire cities – Wakefield like their lasses facing away from ’em with reverse cowgirl. York, who we would have thought would have kept it conservative with Missionary chose 69 the dirty buggers.

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Here are the Yorkshire cities preferred positions:

Bradford – Missionary
Doncaster – Missionary
Huddersfield – Eagle
Hull – 69
Leeds – 69
Middlesborough – Standing
Sheffield – Eagle
Wakefield – Reverse Cowgirl
York – 69

An interesting read for sure. We hope we’ve inspired some of you with ideas for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately because of the survey, we know what Yorkshire will be up to this Valentine’s Day – have fun!

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