1 In 10 Brits Are Fuming About Being Stuck With Their Partners During Lockdown

1 In 10 Brits Are Fuming About Being Stuck With Their Partners During Lockdown
Looks like trouble in paradise!

While lockdown was expected during the Coronavirus pandemic, the need to continuously roll our eyes at our loved ones was (strangely) not. In such an intense situation where we’re unable to leave the house for unnecessary purposes, it’s easy to see why one in ten Brits are currently finding their living arrangements during lockdown pretty tough.

17% of those living with children aren’t too pleased | Credit: Unsplash

In a brand new study run by YouGov, it was revealed that 72% of Brits were pretty chuffed with their living arrangements at the moment, with 19% feeling indifferent towards the situation, and 8% not being happy at all. Uh-oh. The majority of this unhappy group turned out to be the younger generations, too, with 18-24 year olds leading the pack for those who are pretty fuming about being stuck with their partners, housemates or family during the pandemic.

18-24 year olds are fuming | Credit: Pexels

Naturally, the over 65s are a pretty happy bunch with the situation, with general positivity around the situation increasing with age, according to the data. The figures are also broken down by location, with Londoners (of course) revealed as the least happy bunch. No surprises there then, mardy sods. Northerners are cracking on with it as always, with 71% of us saying it’s all groovy.

It’s trouble in paradise for 19% of couples | Credit: Unsplash

Breaking it down to who people are living with, 17% of people living with children did not feel positivity about it (the poor buggers!) and 19% were pretty miffed about having to spend more time with their partners during the lockdown. Looks like trouble in paradise for some couples! The biggest stats, however were from those living with parents and siblings, with 37% not feeling positive about their parents and 38% feeling blue about spending time with their siblings.

All data provided by YouGov.