‘Horrendous’ Cheeseburger Served At A Footy Match In Yorkshire Goes Viral

‘Horrendous’ Cheeseburger Served At A Footy Match In Yorkshire Goes Viral

When you go to a footy match, you’re not expecting gourmet cooking or owt when you grab something to eat. But, this burger served in Rotherham looks inedible.

Posted on the popular Twitter page Footy Scran, the cheeseburger was purchased at Rotherham United’s AESSEAL New York Stadium and has since gone viral – with good reason.

Priced at £4.20 and sold to Oliver Banks back in July when he went to the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 game between Frane vs Netherlands.

Since posting on the Twitter account the image has resurfaced once again and has now been viewed 1.7 million times within 24 hours and has been described by some as the most unappetising and overpriced forever sold at the nation’s football grounds.

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One person wrote: “This goes against the Geneva Convention.”, another agreed writing: “Needs a bit of e45 on it that.”

A third maybe went a little OTT writing: “Did someone call the police? They should call the police.”

Another picture was posted showing a similar state of affairs withone of their burgers which can be seen below:

The Twitter page has almost half a million followers and describes itself as ‘The original Footy Scran. Showing the best and worst scran at the football.’

We are sure tha the food at Rotherham’s ground is not like this all the time at this may be a one off, but it does look grim like.

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