15 Things All Yorkshire Mums Used To Say Growing Up

15 Things All Yorkshire Mums Used To Say Growing Up

Growing up in Yorkshire, mums said that much stuff that it went straight in one ear, and right out of the other. But, somehow as we make it into our adult life, some of these sayings pop up in our heads from time to time. Whether it’s while you’re sat staring into space or shouting the same things at your own kids – there are some classic sayings that anyone growing up in Yorkshire had shouted at them, and we’ve listed just a few for you to enjoy a lovely nostalgia trip back to your youth.

1. “Were you born in a barn?”

Usually pointed out after leaving a door open, this is a belter of a question. You know better than I do mother, I’m pretty sure you were there.

2. “Because I said so…”

Before we learned the laws of the world, there was Mum’s law. If asked for an explanation to an injustice befouled on you by your mother, these four words would win any argument and leave no counter-argument available. Usually followed by ‘end of story’.

3. “It’s like Blackpool Illuminations in ‘ere”

I had no idea what this one meant at the time… “I’ve not been to Blackpool, Mum”. But, with every light left on in the house, it’s pretty easy to figure out what the meaning was. Dad would usually follow this one up with “do you know who pays the bills?”

4. “Eat yer crust, you’ll get curly hair”

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Didn’t want curly hair, but Mum still said it. Back in the day, a thick head of curly hair was known to be a sign of optimal health. So it stands to reason why mothers wanted their lad to have thick lustrous locks… Besides the fact that they secretly wanted a daughter.

5. “Who’s “she”? The Cat’s mother!”

It’s surprising we got out alive with some of these crazy sayings. I’m three, Mum, sorry if I forgot to use my sister’s name once after she’d been whacking me head in with my Action Man…

6. “What did your last slave die of?”

Usually a retort after picking up your legos, jigsaw, clothes, yesterday’s pots, crisp packets and dirty washing. I know… the cheek of some mothers.

7. “It’ll all end in tears”

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When your mum finds you performing wrestling moves on your little brother… Of course, it will Mum, that’s the point!

8. “What’s for dinner, mum?” Shit wi’ sugar on!

Did somebody say child services? “Your usual cooking then, eh Mother”. If only we were clever enough for such retorts at the time.

9. “If ya mate jumped off a cliff, would you?”

I mean, probably… The stuff we’d get up to back in the day wasn’t far from this, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the answer was yes!

10. “I want, never gets”

Want me Mum to stop naggin’, so guess you’re right there. This one was a classic one that was usually said while in the supermarket trying to sneak a Snickers through the bars of the trolley.

11. “Wait until ya dad gets ‘ome!”

Scarier words have never been uttered. When Dad gets involved, that’s when you know you’ve taken it too far. Baa, fear as it has never been felt like as a grown adult.

12. “Ask yer dad!”

From one end of the spectrum to another. Big ol’ soft, dads are easily persuaded. “Dad, Mum says you’ll give me some money to go t’ shop”. Job done.

13. “While you live under my roof, you’ll live by my rules!”

Everyone had that moment of packing their bags and thinking they were going to run away from home and make it on their own. In reality, you’d go and stand at the bottom of the road for a bit, then head back once you felt a little bit hungry. Shit wi’ sugar for tea is it Mum?

14. “Make sure you’re back before the street lights turn on!”

Who needed phones or watches back in the day? The movement of the sun was all we needed. Just make sure you’re back before the street lights come on, or Mother will be shouting down the road at ya.

15. “I’ve not sat down all day!”

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Ok, have you not, Mum? As I’m pretty sure that This Morning and Loose Woman has been on for the past four hours…

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