8 Reasons Why The Yorkshire Dales Is One Of The Most Beautiful Places In The World

The Yorkshire Dales. The true pride and joy of our county. And if you ask us, it’s the greatest place on Earth. From its beautiful rolling hills, to the farm life and nature attractions – here’s eight reasons why the Yorkshire Dales is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world.

Credit: _Danoz– stock.adobe.com

1. It’s full of friendly Yorkshire folk

This was an obvious one, but what’s not to love? Even many of the visitors are Yorkshire folk – meaning you’ll experience plenty of ‘Ey up!’s when out and about the glorious national park.

2. There’s so many natural wonders

From Malham Cove with its strangely eroded limestone, to the breathtaking Ingleton waterfalls – the natural beauty that runs throughout the Dales is seemingly endless.

3. The stone cottages and farmhouses

No odd-looking apartment buildings to throw people in like sardines – just beautiful, traditional architecture that adds to the place’s stunning rolling countryside.

4. There’s not a McDonald’s in sight

In fact, you’ll find none of that crap in the Dales – bar one single KFC. Just beautiful, locally sourced produce, Yorkshire beef and Wensleydale cheese: AKA, the good stuff.

5. The picturesque walking routes are like no other

What better way to stay in shape than a hike with a view? There’s literally hundreds of routes to choose from, many of which feature a stunning sight at the end of it.

6. There’s so much history to uncover

The Dales date back as far as 350 million years ago – with many of the Dales being formed by nature at different times. That’s a whole lotta history. In fact, you’ll find many natural wonders from the Mesolithic era, the Bronze Ages and the Iron Ages.

7. The rolling countryside is practically a stress killer

I don’t know about you, but everytime I head out to the Dales, the stress on my shoulders practically melts away. Being surrounded by nature is a wonderful way to leave the world behind for a while, and a bit of fresh air mixed with cow pat never hurt anyone.

8. We haven’t succumbed to changing things for tourists

You won’t find a tacky gift shop or Maccys at the top of Malham Cove – and that’s because true beauty needs no enhancements.

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