A Glorious Heatwave Is Set To Heat Up Yorkshire Again Next Week

A Glorious Heatwave Is Set To Heat Up Yorkshire Again Next Week

You know how it goes. A heatwave arrives. We moan about how sweltering it is. It goes and we sit there begging for it to come back. And here we are with news that, finally, after two weeks of mediocre weather, a heatwave is set to bless Yorkshire once again during our final month of summer.

Landing on Wednesday 10th August, Yorkshire folk can revel in highs of 29 degrees, with at least four days of balmy weather expected.

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Starting off on a high this coming Wednesday, Northerners can expect plenty of sunshine with little cloud predicted across the region, with temperatures expected to hit 27 degrees. Thursday and Friday are set to get hotter, too, with temperatures of 29 degrees expected in areas such as Sheffield, Leeds and York, with slightly cooler highs of 25 degrees expected closer to the coast. Not too shabby.

The Met Office reports that England as a whole will be blessed with “Extensive sunshine … becoming widely very warm or hot”, with the following week also predicted to boast balmy temperatures and generally settled conditions. Better late than never for summer to arrive, right?

Credit: Pexels

Unfortunately, the fun seems to end there, with Met Office expecting more unsettled conditions here in the North for the last two weeks of August, with rain and humidity expected. Here’s hoping for an Indian summer to make up for it.

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