8 Of The Oldest Pubs In Yorkshire You Need To Visit

8 Of The Oldest Pubs In Yorkshire You Need To Visit

As autumn arrives the sound of an old fashioned pub with a nice fire going sounds like heaven to us is here. We’ve put together a great list of some of Yorkshire’s oldest pubs – which are all steeped in history and have that traditional feel that only good old-fashioned pubs can give. There are some fan favourites in there such as York’s most haunted pub and the famous Tan Hall In, Britains highest inn.

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The Bingley Arms, Bardsey – 953ad

This is not only Yorkshire’s oldest but – it’s England’s oldest pub! It dates back to 953ad when Vikings were wandering the country. It is set in an idyllic part of the country with a beautiful stream that trickles past. The building is steeped in history and every room tells a story – who wouldn’t want to enjoy a pint in history?

The Black Bull Inn, Boroughbridge – 13th Century

The Black Bull Inn was one of 22 inns back in the 19th century and is now the only remaining inn in Boroughbridge. It is a quaint pub tucked away in the corner of Market Square that and you can feel the history of the place when you walk through its beautiful corridors and multiple rooms. It’s a great example of Yorkshire’s oldest pubs.

The Old Bridge Inn, Ripponden – 1307 

The Grade II listed coaching ancient inn is over 700 years old and is found as you make your way over the old packhorse bridge in Ripponden to this charming old pub. It’s nestled next to the River Ryburn and is the perfect place to while away the day and enjoy history with a few beers.

The Golden Fleece, York – 1503 

From its exterior this pub looks like something straight out of Jekyll & Hyde – add a misty cobbled street and you’ve got yourself a scene from a film. The Golden Fleece is known as York’s most haunted pub as well as being one of Yorkshire’s known oldest pubs. It is straight out of a Gothic novel with its old-fashioned interiors and decor. Sat in the heart of York city centre not far from The Shambles its perfect for tourists to pop in to enjoy a pint. Who knows, you might be drinking with a friendly ghost.

The Sun Inn, Beverley – 1530 

Set in the historic market town of Beverley in East Yorkshire, The Sun Inn dates back to the 14th century. Its exterior has a huge beautiful sinage and is perched on a the corner. It is believed to be the oldest pub in East Yorkshire and still holds some of the charms that the traditional pub would have done back in the day. 

The Chequers Inn, Ledsham –  1540 

Traced back to the 14 century, this traditional English pub is what we all need. It’s kept some of its charm with antiques on the walls and cosy little alcoves. From outside it looks like the msot idyllic place to venture for a pint with its walls draped in foliage. It’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time when you go in to enjoy a few ales or two at The Chequers Inn.

Ye Olde White Harte, Hull – 1550 

This old pub is steeped in fascinating history. It is said to be where the English Civil war began – apparently, in what is known now as ‘The Plotting Parlour’. A skull of youth was discovered in the 19th century. The pub has all the old-style fittings you’d expect of a historical pub. If you want to enjoy a drink and take in the tales of this wonderous pub – get round there.

Tan Hill Inn, Richmond – 1586 

Also known as Britain’s Highest Inn, it is mentioned in William Camden‘s guide book, ‘Britannia’ – in which he notes s a ‘solitary inn’. Although, the current inn dates from the 17th Century. There is no inn like it in England, the views from this beautiful place are unique and it really is an experience when visiting.

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Feature Image Credit: The Chequers Inn/ Bingley Arms

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