Aldi Has Launched An Incredible Wine Delivery Service To Help Us Through Lockdown

Aldi Has Launched An Incredible Wine Delivery Service To Help Us Through Lockdown

Aldi have been a godsend throughout COVID-19, it has come up with some winners to keep us entertained during lockdown. Great valued items like their pizza oven and luxury spa pool having given us all things to do this summer. All these can be enjoyed with their other great hidden gem, their online wine shop!

Going since 2016, their online wine shop has never been so busy as it as been during lockdown, where it has seen an ‘unprecedented demand’ since it began back in March. Yorkshire has needed wine more than ever to get itself through this trying time, especially with this glourious weather that seems to have coincided with it.

Credit: Aldi

Aldi also introduced contact-free delivery in line with social distancing in a bid to keep customers and staff safe. They’ve said “Our delivery drivers can deliver your parcel safely to your door. This change reduces hand-to-hand contact.”

To qualify for delivery you need to spend more than £20 and order a case of at least six bottles of wine or spirits. Aldi website states that: “Things are rapidly changing within the UK at the moment and we are having to adapt to support our customers and staff.

“At times like these we strive to provide the best standards to ensure our customers can order with confidence and receive a smooth and hassle-free delivery experience.

“Due to the current exceptional demand, we have had to make some changes to our usual delivery services. We have extended our delivery time frame for all deliveries to 3-10 working days.”

I’m sure they’re worth the wait, so get stocked up now to get you through this tough time with a glass of vino.

Get yourself some wine delivered right to your door from Aldi’s online wine store.

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