Yorkshire Hotel To Become England’s First Fully Vegan Hotel

Yorkshire Hotel To Become England’s First Fully Vegan Hotel

The Yorkshire Dales’ Beck Hall made no secret of how much they loved animals. Their incredibly dog-friendly (not dog-tolerant) policy spoke for itself. But now, the luxury Malham hotel has gone one step further – making the radical change to become England’s first-ever fully vegan hotel.

Announcing the news just this weekend, the hotel revealed that they’d be completely revamping their already vegan-friendly menu to feature no animal products whatsoever, and also making sure all products provided in the rooms are now 100% plant-based, too, including milk and toiletry products.

Beck Hall Malham new 100% plant-based menu.
Credit: Beck Hall

Making the change on December 1st, owners Louise and Andy released a statement about the decision to make the change, telling customers that after embarking on a “personal journey”, they’ve decided it was time to reflect their plant-based values within the business, too, assuring customers that they’ve developed a menu “for everyone”.

The pair also acknowledged that the decision was “a risk” for their family, and that they understand if some customers no longer wish to visit, adding that “there’s so many meaty menus to choose from” elsewhere.

Decor at Beck Hall Malham hotel.
Credit: Beck Hall

The new menu substitutes meat with alternative, and just as tasty, proteins, including seitan, beans, mushrooms, and the popular Moving Mountains products – and champions locally grown produce such as grains and vegetables throughout.

Star dishes include the Lancashire hotpot pie with vegan ‘lamb’, slow-cooked seitan short rib, and a Malham fried ‘chicken’ burger.

Breakfasts, desserts, Sunday roasts, and afternoon tea menus have also been given the 100% vegan treatment.

Vegan food at Beck Hall in Malham.
Credit: Beck Hall

For the dubious among us, Beck Hall urges customers to give them a ‘chance’ as they make this radical change, reassuring customers that they’ve spent months perfecting each and every dish to ensure that even carnivores will love their menu. And we have to admit, it does all sound pretty delicious.

Beck Hall has been loved for years for its ideal location by Malham Cove, alongside its friendly service and its exceptionally dog-friendly nature, and now, in its new era, will be more animal-friendly than ever before.

[Featured image: Beck Hall]

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