Aldi Is Re-Releasing Their Bargain Spa Pool This Sunday

The summer saviours are back! Aldi has announced it will be selling its cheap as chips Spa Pool again as of Sunday 29 March.

With self-isolation looking like it is going to be going on for a while, it’s hard to look past the next few weeks and imagine what summer has to offer (other than a potential cough). It’s looking more and more like the UK will be spending the summer locally, and while most see this as a bad thing, we’re invested in seeing this as a time to make our home a palace.

Credit: Aldi

COVID-19 is doing its very best to dampen the country’s spirit, but as long as we have family by our sides and friends a phone call away, the Yorkshire spirit can not be beat.

Aldi’s luxurious spa pool definitely has the potential to redeem summer, and an extra bonus, during the day your kids can splash and making their own bubbles and generally keep out of your hair for a few hours. Come night time, relax with a glass of vino with your significant other or friends (again, away from the kids – absolute win).

Credit: Aldi

This high-end spa pool has a great spec. Enjoy 120 warm air jets blasting away the days stresses for a fraction of the price of most hot tubs. For £349.99 you can enjoy the luxurious life. Aldi tub, Aldi wine with a cheeky Aldi cheese board. Is there anything Aldi can’t do?

The spa pool comes with a 2200w heater, a filter pump, lockable insulation cover and it is big enough to fit 4 people. Or two if you’re wanting to relax properly!

Author: The Yorkshireman

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