Amanda Owen Travels 500 Miles To Be Covered In Cow Poo In New Channel 4 Show

Amanda Owen Travels 500 Miles To Be Covered In Cow Poo In New Channel 4 Show

We were excited for the return of Amanda Owen in her new More4 show Amanda Owen’s Extraordinary Farming Lives where she sets off on her first solo project visiting UK farms and showcasing what they do.

In the first episode, we saw Amanda, who is usually on Ravenseat Farm in the Yorkshire Dales with the rest of the Owen family, visit two sisters in the Shetland Isles.

The Yorkshire Shepherdess ended up covered in cow poo in after travelling 500 miles to stay with two young farmers managing a farm the size of 1,000 football pitches after the sudden death of their dad.

She met full-time farmer Amy and her sister Kirsty who is a farmer and a teacher and their mum Helen. After the passing of the husband and father, the three of them decided to study farming and honour the family legacy.

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Amanda helped out herding cows and show, and got up close and personal with the family to see what makes them tick.

Having heard their story she said: “Being here and hearing their personal story was not easy. They had to live after their dad dying. They could have said ‘I’m done with this I’m walking away’ but the bottom line with farming is that it never stops and their coping mechanism was to throw themselves into the farm.”

The Yorkshire Shepherdess, who’s used to getting stuck in was left laughing as she ended up covered in cow faeces whilst out with the cows.

Laughing Amanda said: “It’s the bond that all farmers have”.

Amanda had another mishap later in the show when everyone else was “dressed up” for dinner and she’d had a fashion faux pas saying “I literally have farm gear or going to bed gear,” as she stood there in shorts and a white top.

She made a joke of the situation saying “It’s not like me to be underdressed”.

You can catch up on the latest episode via More4 here.

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