Artist Creates Drawing Of David Attenborough On Yorkshire Beach In The Sand

Artist Creates Drawing Of David Attenborough On Yorkshire Beach In The Sand

Nowt like a trip to the seaside. Fish & chips, a walk along the beach, and maybe a quick go on the 2p machines. Well, if you were at Bridlington in East Yorkshire on Wednesday, you’d have been treated to a cheeky bit of beach art courtesy of Fred, the beach artist.

People passing by South Beach were greeted with an incredible image of the Planet Earth series David Attenborough which had been drawn in the sand on the popular tourist beach. It shows the 97-year-old with his hands together staring up towards the camera with the waves already lapping at his head.

Unfortunately, the wonderful bit of artwork was washed away with the tide, but this fantastic image was captured by Michael Lavelle meaning the wonderful image can be immortalised. The BBC posted the image to their Facebook and it has been liked over 2,000 times already.

Did, you manage to see the artist’s drawing in the sand before it was destroyed? Please let us know! We’d love to see more images.

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We like a good dog walk on the beach, and would have loved to have seen this fantastic image. Keep an eye out for more beautiful pieces of art in the sand on your next trip to the beach.

Check out the image of David Attenborough in the sand below:

Credit: Michael Lavelle

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