Asda Is Selling A £5 Giant Chocolate And Caramel Eclair That Serves 10

Ooooh yes! That time of year when you overindulge is upon us, and we are already getting stuck into all the tasty treats that supermarkets are throwing at us. Gyms may not be open, but that is going to have to be January’s problem, as this has been the worst year possible and we are going to make up for it this December!

Credit: Asda

Posted to Facebook Page, Money Saver Online with the caption “ASDA Foot Long Giant Eclair back at ASDA from 18th December. Apparently it’s for 10 people!…” It has got us excited and we will be first down Asda stocking up.

Asda really gets what we are talking about. So much so they have created the most humongous treat going! Their giant eclair may well be more 10 people, but I reckon we can see it off in one sitting alone.

Credit: Unsplash

The beautiful choux pastry cases the creamy chocolate mousse and caramel sauce. It is then topped with moreish caramel flavour fudge icing and, gorgeous fondant and finished with gold-coloured dust. It is something even Paul Hollywood himself would be proud of (maybe not that far).

We advise sticking with joggers whilst you take on this beast, as you waist is sure to pop any buttons on the ol’ jeans after this feast. At only £5, it’s an absolute steal, and we reckon it will be hugely popular this Christmas.

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