This Yorkshire Chippy Is Selling The World’s Largest Battered Pig In A Blanket

This Yorkshire Chippy Is Selling The World’s Largest Battered Pig In A Blanket
Turns out size really does matter!

It feels like we were really spoiled for choice with the Christmas food offerings this year, and it’s not quite over yet. This Yorkshire chippy has supersized everyone’s favourite festive food item. They’re supersizing it and then deep frying it, Papas Fish & Chips shop in Hull truly won Christmas with their 2-foot-long Battered Pig In Blanket, which we are hoping is announced today!

The award-winning fish & chips shop took to its social media channels to announce to return of its festive menu. And, today’s the day it’s finally announced its most exciting item and we are buzzing about the return of the 2ft battered pig in blanket.

In a world first, the Hull chippy came up with the genius idea in 2019 – aptly titling it the ‘Hog in a Duvet’. With chips and gravy, it will set you back just £9.99, and we think it’s well worth it as experiences like this are priceless. You won’t be left disappointed.

This festive meat treat weighs over 2 lbs and would satisfy the biggest pork fans. Reckon you’ve got it in your to finish it in one sitting?

The much-loved chain has restaurants across Hull, Scarborough, Whitby and Cleethorpes, so those lucky enough to live by the coast have an extra few weeks to take advantage of the tasty treat.

Along with the massive battered pig in blanket, Papas has added a festive range to their menu which includes their Chip Shop Christmas Dinner which includes the P in B with battered Brussels sprouts, sage and onion stuffing pattie, and chips with gravy for £11.99.

Festive fish & chips platter for £12.99 includes a small battered haddock served with chips, the one-foot battered Hog in a duvet and battered Brussels sprouts.

You can get a side of fried brie wedges, battered bigs in blankets or Brussels sprouts to accompany your fish & chips meal. Find out more via their website here.

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