You Can Now Get A Rhubarb & Custard Gin – Just In Time For Christmas

Here in Yorkshire, we love a little tipple over Christmas, and since this year we won’t be going to the pub to have a few ales with family – making those drinks extra special this year is even more important. This York-based brewery has created something special for you lucky folk this year, transporting us back to our childhoods with Brew York’s new rhubarb & custard gin.

Credit: Brew York

The hilariously named Rhubarbra Streisand gin is the creation of Brew York – and is inspired by the popular milkshake IPA of the same name. You can expect a fun and fruity gin that is bursting with jammy sweetness and fresh aroma. The London Dry Gin is made in small-batch and steeped in rhubarb and ginger for a refreshing taste.

Credit: Brew York

We can’t wait to try this extra special festive treat. We’ll be back in that sweet shop in town with a paper bag full of this classic bag of sweet rhubarb and creamy custard flavoured candy.  This childhood dream of a gin is £40 for a 70cl bottle of 42% abv. You can order yours today here.

Brew York announced its news of a new bar opening in the city centre of Leeds just this month, which is yet to have a date put on it due to COVID-19.

Another York-based company, York Gin, announced a new gin earlier this month, too, paying homage to Terry’s Chocolate Orange with their Chocolate Orange flavoured gin.

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