Aunt Bessie’s Creates 25-Tier Yorkshire Pudding Cake – And It’s So Yorkshire

We all know Yorkshire puddings are one of the greatest foods in the entire world. For one, they were created in God’s own country, and two, they’re the tastiest thing you’ll ever taste. A 25-tier Yorkshire pudding cake brings a tear to our eyes. It’s a beautiful thing to behold.

Credit: Aunt Bessie’s

The cake was created by Hull-based, Aunt Bessie’s, the queen of the frozen Yorkshire pud ( we know, we know, homemade are better). The cake celebrates 25 years of Aunt Bessie’s frozen Yorkshire pud creation, hence the 25 tiers. It stands 8ft 11 inches tall and took 965 Yorkshire puddings to make.

Credit: Aunt Bessie’s

Each Yorkshire puds are filled with all the delicious combinations you can think of such as roast beef and veg, pigs in blankets and sweet potato mash and chicken with cranberry and stuffing. Obviously with plenty of gravy!

Credit: Aunt Bessie’s

This silver anniversary also sees the Hull-brand’s Glorious Golden Yorkshire Pudding get 25% bigger than the brand’s original variants and are ready to cook straight from the freezer.

David Barr, Yorkshire Pudding Guru at Aunt Bessie’s, said: “Having worked at the factory for three decades, I’ve tasted thousands of Yorkshire puddings and seen lots of changes – but I’m proud to say that this is our best recipe yet.

Credit: Aunt Bessie’s

“We only use the finest quality ingredients to ensure the best-tasting puds end up on the nation’s dinner plates. What better way to mark this magnificent milestone than with a gigantic Yorkshire Pudding cake!”

Make sure that you celebrate with Aunt Bessie on their 25th year making those frozen Yorkshire puds we love.

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