Yorkshire Pudding Pies Are Now A Thing – And They Look Incredible

Yorkshire Pudding Pies Are Now A Thing – And They Look Incredible
These sound like heaven!

What is this wizardry? Do our ears deceive us? Yorkshire pudding pie? This sounds like the most perfect, delicious thing we have ever heard of. Pies made from Yorkshire puds sound like the ideal Yorkshire tea for us, and it gets even better when you look at the fillings.

Created by The Yorkshire Pudding Company, a family-run business based in the beautiful town of Malton in North Yorkshire, owners Ted & Lynn started the tasty pies back in January 2017 when Ted ‘decided to take our family chicken dinner leftovers one step further’! And we’re pretty glad he did!

Credit: Yorkshire Puddings Pie Co

The Yorkshire Pudding Pie Company announces itself as ‘the world’s first’ pie made with the iconic Yorkshire pudding, instead of pastry – which is more traditionally used when baking pies.

Credit: Yorkshire Puddings Pie Co

Hand-crafted in Yorkshire and stuffed with locally sourced ingredients, the pies come with a variety of filling choices that have us salivating at the mouth. Our favourite? The Yorkshire Pudding Wagyu Cheeseburger, which basically sounds like heaven wrapped in more heaven.

Other filling highlights include chicken, ham & leak, as well as a sausage & red onion marmalade which sounds like the perfect filling for a Yorkshire pud!

If you’re looking for something special, you can even get your mits on a Wagyu Beef Steak pie from a local farmer, finished off with homemade delicious gravy.

The pies range from £18 to £24 for six, or you can get a mixed box of six for £20 or a mixed box of 12 for £42. Visit their website here to find out more about the wonders of Yorkshire pudding pies!

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