The ‘Worst Cup Of Tea’ Goes Viral After Being Posted To Social Media

The ‘Worst Cup Of Tea’ Goes Viral After Being Posted To Social Media

There is nothing worst than a terrible brew. Everyone has their preferred way to make a brew and few can make it just how we want it. Most can make a passable brew, but this pic posted to Reddit has been branded as the ‘worst cup of tea’ and we must agree – it looks like dishwater.

Posting to the CasualUK Reddit page, a woman posted a picture of the brew in question with the caption ‘mourn the teabag that died for this brew my boyfriend made me’ as the caption to an image of the inspid beverage.’

Credit: CasualUK

The brew, which was served in a black mug with a ring of foam around the top, is the palest looking cuppa we’ve ever seen. One Reddit user agreed writing ” “Did he make that tea with chicken stock?”

The post racked up over 3,000 comments as people were amazed how someone could mess up a brew so badly. Plenty of people had their say on what they thought of the boyfriend brew with some calling for her to start looking for a new partner – too extreme?

One user wrote: “Did he make it from the cold tap? Did he reuse an old tea bag from the bin? I literally don’t understand how it’s possible to make tea that weak.”

A survey done by Plenty of Fish earlier this year found that one-fifth of people surveyed said the ability to make a good brew was a massive turn on. So, it is in the boyfriend’s best interest to get working on his skills before the Mrs starts looking for a new brew maker.

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