Baileys Has Launched A Red Velvet Cupcake Liqueur – Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and with lockdown still in place, it looks like it is going to be a very different occasion. Although, Baileys may have just saved it – as they’re relaunching their dreamy Red Velvet flavour tipple. Nothing says romance like getting merry with your significant other over a nice glass of something strong.

Credit: Baileys

We are big dessert fans in our house – so the idea that we get to get drunk on something that tastes as delicious as a red velvet cake has our full undivided attention. Baileys has described their new beverage as “Sweet, silky and creamy… wonderfully warming and seductive whether it’s poured over ice and served in a tumbler or added to your coffee.”

Credit: Baileys

The already creamy liqueur has us drooling at the mouth with this revelatory drink. Baileys carry on to describe the drink as “encapsulating the classic cake taste of sumptuous chocolate and cream cheese frosting – without being too sweet – Baileys Red Velvet has cocoa running through it to provide a slight but irresistible richness.

If you like the sound of this sumptuous new tipple, it is available in Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores on the 25th January, and a 70cl bottle will set you back around £16.99

Credit: M&S

Speaking of delicious chocolates – the height of the chocolate season, Easter is around the corner and M&S has introduced a new member to its team in the form of Walter the Chocolate Sausage Dog. We know you will fall in love with this adorable lil’ pup. He almost looks too cute to eat, we just want to take him home and cuddle him instead!

Feature Image Credit: Owen Bruce on Unsplash/ Baileys

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