Bottlenose Dolphins Spotted In Scarborough As Brits Continue To Stay Indoors

While the Coronavirus lockdown has been a pretty shitty experience for all humans, it’s been a wonderful time for other species. From marine life finding a new home in the canals of Venice, to bees completely thriving as wildflowers remain uncut, it’s almost as though the Earth was in dire need of a break.

And now, bringing things a little closer to home, Bottlenose dolphins have been spotted swimming in the Scarborough sea as the popular seaside resort sees a decline in fishermen and tourists in the area.

Typically, Bottlenose dolphins can be spotted in the South West of England, the west of Ireland, Moray Firth in Scotland and Cardigan Bay – however, it looks as though the friendly mammals have taken up a bit of an adventure, heading all the way to sunny Yorkshire as humans stay inside.

Spotted by Scarborough Porpoise, a Facebook page that spot marine life in North Yorkshire, the event saw around 25 of the dolphins passing northwards “at speed”.

The sighting comes as it’s reported that sea life has been flourishing since the Coronavirus outbreak begun, with underwater noise pollution reducing due to less ships on the water and cleaner waterways as a result of less boat traffic.

[Featured image: Scarborough Porpoise]