Yorkshire Motorway To Be Blocked By People Protesting Fuel Prices

Yorkshire Motorway To Be Blocked By People Protesting Fuel Prices

As fuel prices continue to rise a protest against the continuation is set to take place in Yorkshire next month, according to an online campaign group.

Unleaded prices have raised to a massive 183.16p per litre with diesel at 188.82p a litre costing the average family more than £100 to fill up their car.

With the price of everything rising and the cost-of-living crisis underway, people aren’t happy.

The demonstration is set to take place at Junction 33 at Ferrybridge services, Knottingley on the M62. It will be at 6am on July 4th.

A ‘road block’ is planned for Ferrybridge Services at Junction 33, Knottingley, on the M62, at 6am on July 4.

They aim to stand against the rising prices and a poster alerting people of the protest is being shared across social media.

It reads: “Fed up of fuel prices? Stand up now. Let’s make a change all together. Blocking off all motorways across England.

“Let’s stand together as a country and take charge. More people the better turn up show support (sic).”

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Feature Image Credit: Photo © G Laird (cc-by-sa/2.0)

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