63% Of Brits Feel Too Scared To Go To Pubs And Bars When They Re-Open

In surprising data revealed by YouGov, Brits have revealed that they don’t feel comfortable returning to public spaces once the UK lockdown lifts.

When faced with a number of business types in a survey, the majority of participants said they feel that places such as gyms, salons, and bars will be unsafe, even after the government allows us to return to society following the COVID-19 outbreak.

Credit: Unsplash

And while it’s safe to say we all miss our normal lives, it seems a huge percentage of us aren’t ready to rush back in, with 63% saying they’ll likely avoid pubs and bars, and only 32% saying they’ll be comfortable enough to go. More pints for us, then.

The business type that worries Brits the most, however, is gyms – with only 30% stating that they’ll be happy to return to their workout routines, despite gyms being a hotspot for germs and bacteria.

Credit: Unsplash

Garden centres, hairdressers and clothing stores are among those Brits deem as safer options, with 70% saying they’ll visit garden centres, and 48% admitting they’ll get a hair cut and visit clothing stores once lockdown is lifted.

While the data is surprising following five weeks couped up indoors, it’s a great indicator that many Brits will be sensibly navigating through the pandemic, staying home and doing what’s required of them to stay safe, and keep others safe too.

[Featured image: Unsplash]