Brits Won’t Be Able To Enjoy Holidays Or Staycations For ‘Some Time To Come’

Brits Won’t Be Able To Enjoy Holidays Or Staycations For ‘Some Time To Come’
Better sort the garden out then...

If there’s one thing that’s been getting us through the UK lockdown, it’s the thought of jetting off and sunning it up on a hot beach with an alcoholic beverage in hand, watching as the waves crash against the sand. Sounds heavenly, right? But unfortunately for us budding holidaymakers, it looks like this dream won’t be coming true for quite some time.

Speaking to MPs, Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove said that “at the moment and for some time to come’, Brits will be unable to travel, be it abroad to a ‘staycation’ in the UK. Gove continued “One of the things we know about this disease is that it spreads more easily inside than outside and, as the Government reflects on how to lift current restrictions, that will be an important factor.”

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The Cabinet Office Minister continued that the public should not be visiting beauty spots in the UK anytime soon, assuring MP Steve Double that “for some time to come”, Brits will be unable to do so as restrictions begin to ease.

The warning comes as Boris Johnson assured the public in a press conference this week that their efforts were paying off, and that the UK was “past the peak of the virus”.

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