Channel 4 TV Show Goes Inside The Famous Farmhouse In The Middle Of The M62

Channel 4 TV Show Goes Inside The Famous Farmhouse In The Middle Of The M62

Ever wondered about the farmhouse in the middle of the M62? Well, the secrets of the building shrouded in rumours are coming to a new television show.

If you’ve ever headed over the M62 from Yorkshire to Manchester you’ll have seen the infamous farmhouse which is set to feature in More4 series The Pennies: Backbone of Britain of which the first episode aired on Monday, 7th February.

Credit: Photo © Peter McDermott (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Questions like “Does someone live there?”, “Why is it sat in the middle of a motorway?” are regularly asked by cars as they drive past and many rumours surround the iconic farmhouse about why it’s there.

To this day today, thousands of drivers whizz past this farmhouse and thunder past the property, the farm provokes a feeling of interest and intrigue. With intrigue comes urban legends that are regularly discussed such as a stubborn farmer refusing to move and the motorway having to be built around it.

The real reason is less intriguing and is to do with a geological fault in the area underneath the two carriageways, which meant the Yorkshire stretch around the farm had to be split.

More answers and an insight into the farm can be viewed on More4 four-part series with the TV programme The Pennies: Backbone of Britain which explores the history of the beautiful landscape.

The blurb for the show reads: From Derbyshire to the Scottish Borders, we explore the magnificent upland range of the Pennines and meet the people who call its mountains, fells, hills and valleys their home

Catch the first episode online here and catch the rest on More4 on Mondays at 9pm.

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Feature Image Credit: Photo © David Dixon (cc-by-sa/2.0)

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