This Chippy Has Created Battered Pickled Onions And They’re Absolutely Genius

A batter can make or break a chippy, but done well, it can lift the simple dish to something worthy of the Gods. Done carelessly, you’re left with a limp, soggy mess that you wouldn’t feed to your worst enemy. People can be divided with batter as well. Some like to lightly batter, some like it crisp and golden, a with a good covering of the fish. One thing I’ve never heard of being done, however, is the battered pickled onion.

Credit: Codfather

I’ve had the battered Mars bar, a battered banana (I know, strange also), but I’m yet to try a battered pickled onion. Those who are unsure of what a pickled onion is, they’re usually in the glass jars at the back in chippies, pickled, obviously. Having worked in numerous chippies, I’m not sure if I’ve seen anyone actually buy one before – let alone consider pimping them up.

But giving a new glittering reputation to pickled onions everywhere, a Scottish fish and chip shop has started producing battered pickled onions and I’m intrigued to try one. Owner Amandeep Singh of the Codfather fish and chips in Cambuslang, Glasgow, said he wanted to try something new and decided to try deep fry the onion which is usually sold as a side.

Credit: Codfather

The owner has said his creation has proven popular with customers, who have been more than eager to try them. The chippy is selling them at the cheap price of 50p or £2 for a fiver. We’ll take them all…

Since posting to Facebook, the chippy has received nearly 2,000 shares and 4,500 comments, so I think it’s fair to say we need these tasty suckers in Yorkshire!

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Author: The Yorkshireman

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