Chocolate Digestives Are Crowned Britain’s Best-Loved Biscuit

Chocolate Digestives Are Crowned Britain’s Best-Loved Biscuit

Everyone has their preference, and debates about which biscuit is best will go on in offices until the end of time. The only thing biscuit lovers can agree on is that Rich Tea is a terrible biscuit. It doesn’t fit in any cup beside a Sports Direct beast, and it falls to bits if it even senses a brew nearby.

Well, Data insight company Prospectus Global posed the question to the public this month, and the Chocolate Digestives came out on top as the nation’s favourite biscuit. How Chocolate Hobnob didn’t win by a country mile I’ll never know. But, that’s something I am still coming to terms with as I write this. Ah well, life goes on.

2,000 Brits took part in the survey With 69% picking the choccie Digestive. Classic, Garibaldi was a disappointing last place which will leave grandma’s everywhere fuming. Who knows who was voting for shortbread, which made it into 2nd place.

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It seems that the younger generation has been influenced by the US selection, with 31% more keener on their imports. Whereas, the older generation was loving the classic Ginger Nut, with 60% partial to bit that biccy. 

The whole list is below for your perusing pleasure:

  1. Chocolate Digestive
  2. Shortbread  
  3. Chocolate Finger
  4. Jaffa Cake
  5. Chocolate Hobnob
  6. Custard Cream
  7. Jammie Dodger
  8. Maryland Cookie
  9. Bourbon
  10. Crunch Cream
  11. Plain digestive
  12. Viennese Whirl
  13. Rich Tea
  14. Ginger Nut
  15. Hob Nob
  16. Oreo
  17. Malted Milk 
  18. Nice
  19. Fig Roll
  20. Garibaldi
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