You Can Now Buy Gin Which Tastes Like Christmas Dinner & Brussel Sprout Vodka

You Can Now Buy Gin Which Tastes Like Christmas Dinner & Brussel Sprout Vodka

At this moment in time, I’ll drink out. Christmas seems to be the only thing to look forward to at this minute and these intriguing concoctions of Crimbo dinner gin seem like a sure cure for some festive cheer. Don’t know how I feel about the Brussel Sprouts vodka but anything is an improvement on the little balls of blergh.

Credit: Nelson;s Distillery

Nelson’s distillery has launched some special flavours for the festive period that is 3 months away today (ahhhh). Now the kids are at school its a time for a breather and to think forward to all the things that need doing for Christmas this year. Stores are starting to stock their shelves with all sorts of Christmas goodies and Nelson’s Christmas dinner gin is sounding very refreshing to us.

Based in Staffordshire this award-winning distillery has unveiled its new flavours for the Christmas period and you heard right. They’re giving us Christmas Dinner gin and Brussel Sprouts vodka! You can get them both from today priced at £25 a bottle. The Christmas Dinner gin is infused with cranberry, with a hint of sage and turkey (yum). 

Credit: Nelson’s Distillery

The Brussel Sprout vodka, a controversial choice out of all the veggies that could have been a flavoured vodka, has hints of nutty cabbage-like flavour (great for those colleagues your not too keen on we think).

As well as these to out there flavours they have the more traditional Christmas stocking gift, Nelson’s Spiced Clementine rum, which brings together the sweet warming taste of nutmeg and a light zest of clementine, which sounds much better!

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