TV Bosses Are In Talks To Bring Back The Hit TV Show ‘ChuckleVision’

TV Bosses Are In Talks To Bring Back The Hit TV Show ‘ChuckleVision’

ChuckleVision, the iconic children’s television show that featured the Yorkshire duo Paul and Barry Chuckle, might make a dramatic comeback to the screen, with TV executives in talks to bring it back in a new format.

According to The Sun, some of the comedy duo’s original scriptwriters are involved in the initiative, which aims to resurrect the classic show.

Credit: BBC

ChuckleVision, which ran from 1987 and 2009 for 292 episodes and was a fan favourite, entertaining generation after generation of families. Nearly all Brits of a certain generation ‘to me, to you,’ when partaking in any physical activity.

The show, if approved, will be an animated series that will introduce a whole new generation of kids to the Rotherham comedy duo, the Chuckle Brothers>. Parents will sure enjoy a hit of nostalgia from a remake that’s for sure.

Paul the 74-year-old comedian claimed he ‘missed Barry tremendously’ and that resurrecting ChuckleVision would be “like working with him again.” Barry, who died in 2018 at the age of 73, will have his character played by an actor whilst, Paul will reprise his role once more.

Paul had begun a crowdfunder for a pilot episode to get his notion of bringing ChuckleVision back as a cartoon off the ground, according to the Daily Mirror last year. However, after learning of this, production company Kidation contacted Paul and determined that the Chuckle Brothers were so well-known that they “didn’t need a pilot.”

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