Fans Shocked By Rude Video In Old ChuckleVision Episode That’s Resurfaced

Fans Shocked By Rude Video In Old ChuckleVision Episode That’s Resurfaced

Chucklevision were a staple in most people’s childhoods for decades known for their slapstick antics. The phrases “to me, to you” and “oh dear, oh dear” have echoed down through the generations. Well, it seems that social media has reared its head again and found an amazing adult gag from the Rotherham brothers that went straight over their heads as a child.

Credit: CBBC

People are spotting more and more of these adult-orientated gags that we were too young to understand the first time around. But, thanks to the wonderful world of TikTok we can enjoy the newly-uncovered clip of an old episode all over again.

The TikTok clip shows brothers Paul and Barry meeting with a leprechaun with a hilarious encounter.

Barry is completely unable to see the creature and bends over to try and make the leprechaun leave Paul alone – so he can complete his work.

He leans down and reaches out his hand, and Paul asks: “What are you doing?”

Barry then says he’s “tickling him under the chin” – but there was a rude meaning to it, with younger viewers will have missed.

As Paul goes explain that the creature is actually much taller than he thought, meaning that Barry is, in fact, tickling the leprechauns meat and two vegs, which Barry is horrified by.

Credit: CBBC

One disgruntled fan questioned: “The innuendos in kids programs in the 80/90s were shocking. Funny though?”

Another added “think that was for the parents”

The CBBC children’s programme ran for 21 series and had over 300 episodes before ending in 2009. Barry sadly died aged 73 in August 2018 of bone cancer.

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