Clarkson Makes Hilarious Advert For New Beer Deemed Too Inappropriate For TV

Clarkson Makes Hilarious Advert For New Beer Deemed Too Inappropriate For TV

Jeremy Clarkson has brewed his own beer and has come up with the most genius way to advertise it, but it’s not quite fit for purpose. The ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ presenter points out in a video on his Instagram that his advert wasn’t quite ok for the tele.

In a hilarious Instagram video he says: “Bad news, I made a TV commercial to promote my new Hawkstone Lager, which is made from barley from Diddly Squat Farm.”

He says they were hoping to show it in the adverts between ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ the ITV gameshow he currently hosts.

But he reveals that “The scene where a take a swig and say ‘fuck me that’s good’ contravenes a number of regulations. So it’s back to the drawing board.”

Finishing with “It’s fucking good, though.”

You can see the ‘banned’ TV commercial via the Hawkstone Instagram page where he stands next to the Hawkstone and gives some interesting facts about the stone, which his beer has taken its name from, describing it as 4,000 years old.

Watch the Hawkstone advert below:

He finishes the advert by taking a sip of his beer and declaring “fuck me that’s good.”

People have fallen in love with the advert with one person commenting: “I can’t wait to get my fucking hands on one or 5.”

Another wrote: “That’s the best tagline ever #f*ckmeitsgood.”

Whilst one person, a little off-topic perhaps wrote: “Clarkson for PM.”

Ever since the first series of Clarkson’s Farm finished, we’ve been waiting in anticipation of the news of the second series. Kaleb, Clarkson’s partner in crime popular series, confirmed earlier in the year in an Instagram post that filming for the new series is ‘well underway’. The show was renewed by Amazon back in July.

The farmhand took to posted a snap from Jeremy’s Diddly Sqaut Farm with a caption saying: ‘Filming is well underway. Enjoying every minute of it as well!’

Get yours here.

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