Wetherspoons Is Getting Rid Of Customer Favourite Drinks With New Menu Shake-up

Wetherspoons Is Getting Rid Of Customer Favourite Drinks With New Menu Shake-up

In a shake-up due to the company signing a new 20-year deal with Budweiser Brewing Group to become Wetherspoon’s largest supplier, John Smiths and Strongbow will be removed from the pub chain’s menu. It brings to an end a 41-year partnership with Heineken.

Strongbow and Strongbow Dark Fruits are to be replaced by Stowdford Press Apple and Stowford Press Mixed Berries, made by Weston Cider from the 15th December.

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John Smiths bitter is being replaced by Worthington’s bitter, from brewer Molson Coors. 

Budweiser, Stella Artois, Corona, Leffe Blonde and Bud Light, as well as Bathtub Gin, Bud Light Seltzer and Mike’s Hard Seltzer, will be available at all ‘Spoons across the UK. 

Wetherspoon’s founder and chairman Tim Martin said: “Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I will now become our biggest supplier, with new beers Budweiser, Corona and Leffe Blonde, in addition to their existing products, Stella Artois and Bud Light – as well as a range of bottled beers.

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“We are also pleased to have agreed long-term supply deals with BrewDog, Westons Cider, Carlsberg and Molson Coors.

“Wetherspoon will continue to sell a wide range of traditional ales and craft beers from regional and micro brewers at competitive prices.

“We’re very pleased to have such a brilliant group of brewers supporting our efforts.”

The pub chain announced it would be extending its discount on drinks for an extra three months – which means punters can enjoy 99p drinks until the end of February when it was due to finish on 30th November.

Customers will be able to enjoy mini bottles of Prosecco for just £2.99 and a bottle of Prosecco for just £10.99. In most pubs the three main drinks for 99p are: pale ale, Beck’s bottles and whiskey measures.

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