Brits Face A £640 Fine For Peeing In The Sea In Spain

Brits Face A £640 Fine For Peeing In The Sea In Spain

I’ll go ahead and say it. We’ve all done it. Realised the trip to the bathroom isn’t worth the sand you’ll get up your arse crack, so headed into the sea for a sneaky one to save yourself the awkward skip and wiggle to the nearest bathroom – which is oftentimes back at the hotel or in the nearest bar. But unfortunately for those that enjoy a bit of a nature tinkle, officials in Spain are working hard to put the act to an end.

Now making it a punishable offence, city leaders in Vigo – which is found in Spain’s Galicia region – have deemed the act “an infringement of hygiene and sanitary regulations”, and plan to whack perpetrators with a hefty fine if caught peeing in the sea.

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It’s unclear how exactly the new rules will be policed, however, city leaders are placing new public toilets on the beaches in a bid to discourage people from doing their business in the waters.

Other new rules put into place in Spain include a ban on using soap and shower gel in beach showers (due to its harmful effects on marine life), and exposing yourself on non-nudist beaches. Both offences will now land you with a hefty fine.

Looks like you better re-think that nature tinkle after all.

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