Sheffield Set To Receive A £2.5M Investment To Improve Parks And Tackle Anti-Social Behaviour

Sheffield Set To Receive A £2.5M Investment To Improve Parks And Tackle Anti-Social Behaviour

Confirming the news just this week, Sheffield City Council will be investing millions into city-wide services after years of economic difficulties, promising significant improvements across a number of areas in Sheffield.

The investments will be made specifically into services that will protect the most vulnerable in the city, such as young people and children, as well as making improvements into the neighbourhoods, the current climate crisis and regenerating the city.

Councillor Terry Fox, Deputy Leader at Sheffield City Council said:

“We have listened to the people of Sheffield and how they want us to invest in their city. Taking feedback from the Big City Conversation and our budget consultation we have developed plans to address the most prominent concerns and needs of our residents.

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“We are improving people’s experience in Sheffield, be it their local neighbourhood, the parks and green spaces they visit, developing a vibrant city centre or the quality of the air we all breathe. We are also providing more money for our children and young people and more money for vulnerable adults so that everyone has the chance to lead healthy fulfilled lives. It’s a huge achievement.”

Continuing: “Everyone should feel safe in their homes and walking our streets, and I want all our residents to love where they live. I know this is important to people in Sheffield, and through this neighbourhood improvement programme we are determined to bring a sense of pride and cohesion in to all our communities.”

The three year programme is set to make the streets of Sheffield a safer place, with £2.5 million being pumped into the neighbourhoods, tackling waste, fly-tipping, graffiti problems, addressing crime and anti-social behaviour as well as improving tenancy issues. Young people’s services will receive an additional £2 million just this year to help meet the challenges young people face today.

Cllr Fox added: “We are providing an additional £18 million this year, making a total of £53 million over last three years towards our people’s service, which demonstrates our commitment to protecting the most vulnerable in the city.

“I’m extremely proud that we are able to invest in the delivery of essential services, whilst continuing to make Sheffield a great place to live, work and visit.

“There will still be many challenges to overcome but we have worked hard to get to this position and we will always have the best interests of Sheffield and our residents at the heart of everything we do.”

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