‘Clarkson’s Farm’ Has Two Cute New Cast Members – And We Are In Love

‘Clarkson’s Farm’ Has Two Cute New Cast Members – And We Are In Love

Jeremy Clarkson announced the new series for his popular Amazon show ‘Clarkson’s Farm’. The show captured the hearts of the nation as we watched Clarkson’s and his charming cast farming expert Kaleb Cooper, manager Charlie Ireland and Jeremy’s girlfriend, Lisa.

Like a fine wine, farming takes time, so we are all going to have to wait some time for the new series, but Clarkson is giving his followers insights into what’s happening and this week he welcomed two new cast members to the new series.

Credit: Amazon Prime Video

In the first series, Clarkson bought himself a herd of sheep and we watched in stitches as he learnt the hard way how difficult it was to look after sheep. Some highlights were his use of a drone with a pre-recorded bark and the constant sheep escapees.

Credit: Jeremy Clarkon

The sheep showed a different side to the Top Gear man who got emotional at the birth of lambs and struggled with the harder side of farming when he had to send some lame sheep to the abattoir.

Jeremy seems just as excited about his new cattle, with the addition of his new heard of cows. Sharing a picture of a cute white cow on his Instagram Jeremy wrote: “World. Meet Pepper.”

As well as Pepper, Jeremy showed his softer side again when he said in the video “Say hello to Lisa. Say hello!” and, also posted a picture of yellow tags in its ears in the cattle shed with the caption: “This one needs a name,”. To which Kaleb wasted no time in getting a joke in by suggesting: “Cowlub.”

Keep up with the new series of ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ here.

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