Clarkson’s Farm Series Two Is Out On Prime Video Today

Clarkson’s Farm Series Two Is Out On Prime Video Today

Finally! Tonight’s the night that families across the UK will be tuning in to watch Clarkson’s Farm series two, which will see Jeremy Clarkson take on his second year of farming.

The next series begins with more of the same, but the new series includes new challenges for Clarkson as he tries to beat his profit of just under £200 from the first year’s farming.

We are back in Chipping Norton in the Cotswold with Prime Video to see Yorkshire-born Clarkson swap his driving gloves for his massive tractor.

Credit: Prime Video

On his 1,000 acres farm, he raises more issues in farming including Brexit’s impact on the farming industry.

The popularity of the new show has risen further than just Amazon as people now head over to Chipping Norton for a visit to Clarkson’s Farm Shop which has quirky products such as his ‘bee juice’ and a ‘bollocks candle’ which, well, ‘smells like my bollocks’ according to the tin.

Clarkson has added draught beers and more so that people can enjoy them.

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Credit: Prime Video

The 62-year-old presenter from Yorkshire is back with the rest of the gang including Kaleb, his long-suffering girlfriend Lisa Hogan, cheerful Charlie and of course the loveable Gerald.

In this series the trailer hints and more hilarious antics and new goings-on on the farm including the addition of cows, the attempt to open a restaurant and much much more.

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