‘Dinner Date’ Is Looking For People From Yorkshire To Be On The Show

‘Dinner Date’ Is Looking For People From Yorkshire To Be On The Show
Know anyone who'd be perfect for this?

If you can cook, you’re in luck – because ITV are looking for new faces to take part in their tea-time dating show, Dinner Date.

Credit: Needpix

Running for a decade, the hit show follows one singleton in the search for love, attending three blind dates with only the menu for a dinner date to go off. Hopeful matches put together their perfect menu which they’ll cook on the night if they’re chosen for a date, usually with cheeky hints that reflect their personality. After attending dates with three hopefuls, the singleton will then choose the person they liked the most to go on a proper date with, and the losers will be greeted with a ready meal at their door. Savage.

Credit: ITV

If you’re tired of swiping your life away on dating apps, ITV are looking for applicants to join the show – both as the person who gets to eat out for free for three days, and the hopeful singles hoping to sweep someone new off their feet with their cooking.

Casting is currently taking place now, with the only requirements being that applicants must be over the age of 18 and of course, must be single.

Find out more and apply for the show here.