Drinking Red Wine Could Reduce Your Chance Of Catching COVID, According To Study

Drinking Red Wine Could Reduce Your Chance Of Catching COVID, According To Study

Now here’s something we can get on board with. Sinking a few glasses of vino to do our bit for the pandemic seems fair to us. Who wouldn’t drink glasses of red and champagne to reduce the chances of catching COVID?

The study published by Frontiers in Nutrition looked at medical records of 473,957 people through the UK Biobank looking at the drinking habits and COVID histories during the pandemic.

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It found that people who were consuming five or more glasses of red wine a week were up to 17% less likely to be at risk of infection than those who didn’t drink.

White wine and champagne were also found to decrease the risk, with the study showing that people who drank four glasses a week could lower their risk by up to 8%.

If you were thinking of jumping on the booze, be careful as according to the study, beer and cider were found to increase the risk by 28% compared to non-drinkers. Spirits also increased the risk for those drinking five or more glasses per week.

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That’s not to say that everyone should be going out and getting boozed up. ‘Heavy Drinking’ is not recommended during the epidemic, the study says.

The study concluded: “The Covid risk appears to vary across different alcoholic beverage subtypes, frequency, and amount. Red wine, white wine, and champagne have the chances to reduce the risk of Covid-19.

“Consumption of beer and cider and spirits and heavy drinking are not recommended during the epidemics.

“Public health guidance should focus on reducing the risk of Covid-19 by advocating healthy lifestyle habits and preferential policies among consumers of beer and cider and spirits.”

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