Beyond the Yorkshire Farm’s Clive Owen Is ‘Very Proud’ Of Son Reuben’s Milestone Celebration

Beyond the Yorkshire Farm’s Clive Owen Is ‘Very Proud’ Of  Son Reuben’s Milestone Celebration

Beyond The Yorkshire Farm returned to our screens last night on Channel 5. The spin-off to the very popular Our Yorkshire Farm follows Clive and Rueben Owen the father and son duo as they start out on a new endeavour.

Clive was left feeling “very proud after last night’s episode as Reuben celebrated a special milestone. The pair travel beyond Ravenseat Farm in the Yorkshire Dales to embark on a digging business.

Rueben took on his first winter season along with his dad, best friend Tom and girlfriend Sarah. Reuben was to dig out a point for his neighbour Niall, who was building a hole using clay from his land.

Credit: Channel 5

The group worked together with Reuben’s girlfriend on transportation in the new track dumper and managed to get the job done in just a few days.

The neighbour was left happy saying: “I had a vision and you managed to turn it into a reality and I am well impressed.”

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Clive, the doting father, held a get together for some of their customers and friends to celebrate with Clive revealing how “very proud” of his son.

He said: “It’s nice to see how many people have come. That tells you that Reuben is doing a good job – I am very proud of him.”

Reuben warmly added: “It’s nice to see everyone again and make sure that they all feel appreciated. They are not customers, they are friends.

Credit: Tan Hall Inn

“My dad’s a sheep farmer not a digger driver and it’s been amazing to have him and if it wasn’t for Tom and Sarah working hard, it would never have happened.”

People have become interested in Reuben and his partner Sarah Dow’s relationship, which makes us ask the question are they the future of the Owen’s TV legacy?

19-year-old Rueben and his partner Sarah have been dating since December 2021. It’s not the first time the pair have featured together on camera as Sarah featured in Our Big Yorkshire Christmas also.

Reuben is a natural on camera and very talented. Even if the couple doesn’t end up being the future – the father-son relationship has definitely got fans on the side that’s for sure.

Catch up on the latest episodes via My5 here.

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