Fish & Chips Have Been The Most Popular Takeaway During Lockdown, Study Says

Fish & Chips Have Been The Most Popular Takeaway During Lockdown, Study Says

Chippy tea. No finer words have ever been uttered from another person’s mouth! And now it has been proven to be the most popular takeaway during this lockdown period. It’s a hard time for us all and comfort food is a great way to ease the burden of self-isolation. What better comfort food it there than good old-fashioned fish & chips.

That gold crispy batter and golden, deep-fried chips tantalise the tongue. Whether with salt & vinegar, gravy or curry sauce it is a cuisine that is quintessentially British and we all know that the North do it the best. The sales data for food ordering company Foodhub has seen a 208% uplift in orders of fish & chips since lockdown began.

Other classic takeaway orders that have increased are quarter pounder burgers with 158% uplift and doner kebabs with a 156% uplift since lockdown began.

Philip Mostyn, Foodhub spokesperson, said: “For many of us, takeaways have provided us small moments of joy and a break from the monotony we’re all experiencing in lockdown… It’s interesting to see how, as a nation, we’re turning to the old favourites and seeking comfort in familiar nostalgic foods, such as Fish ‘n’ Chips.”

The nostlagia wasn’t lost on Bradford-based crisps brand Seabrook who recently released a 75th anniversary with their limited-edition fish and chips flavour.

I don’t know about you, but I know what I’m having for tea tonight. It would be rude not to…

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