Idiots Swim In Peak District Lagoon Despite Being Toxic To Humans

Idiots Swim In Peak District Lagoon Despite Being Toxic To Humans

The world of Instagram can be a beautiful place. People can share the things they’re passionate about and keep in touch with friends and family… But on the other side of the coin is the people who strive to present a fictional version of themselves by getting the perfect shot ‘for the ‘Gram’. And with Yorkshire and the Peak District having some of the most picturesque beauty spots to visit, it’s bound to attract both types.

Blue Lagoon near Buxton has attracted visitors for years because of its gorgeous waters. But authorities have had to warn against swimming in its waters after emergency services shared images of one bafoon swimming in the black, poisonous water that currently fills the lagoon.

Sharing the images on their social media, Derbyshire Fire and Rescue service dubbed the water “probably the most dangerous water in the UK”, with the PH value being so high, it’s likened to being “like bathing in bleach”.

Credit: Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service

Group Manager Paul Hawker from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue said in a statement: “By swimming or even playing in or close to any water you are putting your life at risk.”

The incident took place on Saturday May 30, as the UK experienced a glorious heatwave – with reports stating that the rogue swimmer also assaulted the emergency team who tried to help him.

The South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue have long been aware of the pull of visitors to the Blue Lagoon and have previously issued advice about how dangerous it is, stating that it’s best to keep away (even if you are looking for the perfect shot). The Peak District beauty spot has been attracting large numbers of visitors during the UK lockdown, with local residents complaining of tons of litter left behind and people displaying anti-social behaviour during their visits.

Following an emergency meeting held by local authorities, new measures are set to be introduced, with the hopes of preventing visitors during the pandemic and protecting those who do ignore warnings around visiting (despite their stupidity). The popular spot, which can be found nearby the border of South Yorkshire and Derbyshire, previously had strict warnings in place, including the addition of the black dye to ward off those looking to stop by for photos and outdoor drinking sessions with friends.

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