Fish & Chip Shops Face “Extinction” Industry Body Warns

Fish & Chip Shops Face “Extinction” Industry Body Warns

We are all feeling the pinch of inflation, and it seems the nation’s favourite food is also feeling it with the price of cod, sunflower oil and energy leaving them struggling, according to The National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF).

The NFFF is nursing the government to cut VAT& help with soaring energy bills in order to save shops from going out of business.

There will be a meeting with ministers on Thursday to help push the message through that the industry is on its knees.

The BBC reported that one fish & chip shop manager reveals that families are cutting our fish & chip nights due to the cost-of-living crisis.

Fish & chip shop used to be a cheap meal for families and a chippy tea Friday is something that is synonymous with the North of England.

Andrew Cook, the president of the NFFF said that 66% of shops had reduced opening hours to save money

Adding: “Unfortunately this is potentially an extinction event for small businesses. It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before.”

A government spokesman said: “We are working closely with industry to mitigate the impact our sanctions against Russia may have on British businesses, including through the creation of the £100m UK Seafood Fund.

“We’re already supporting businesses of all sizes by slashing fuel duty, introducing a 50% business rates relief for eligible high street businesses and put the brakes on bill increases by freezing the business rates multiplier – worth £4.6 billion over the next five years.”

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