Yorkshire Is Named The Best Place For Fish & Chips In The UK

Yorkshire Is Named The Best Place For Fish & Chips In The UK

There is nothing better than a good ol’ bag of chips in the summertime and with Yorkshire being named as one of the best places for the iconic UK dish you have no reason not to indulge this summer.

New data by Parkdean Resorts revealed that Yorkshire is the second best place in the UK to get the best fish & chips on offer. The research took into account a range of factors such as cost, portion size and TripAdvisor reviews to come to their conclusion.

To find out where in the UK offers the best fish and chips Parkdean collected data from seafish.org to discover the average price and portion size of Cod and Haddock by region, alongside analysing the percentage of ‘Excellent’ and ‘very good’ reviews on TripAdvisor. 

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At the top of the table was the North East which ParkDean found was the cheapest for cod in the whole of the UK. Not only that but the fish & chip shops on average have a 59% ‘Excellent’ ranking on TripAdvisor.

Not to be out done, Yorkshire and the Humber took second place in front of the North West with an average Ecellent rating of 62%, which is higher than the North East. They also matched them on cod & haddock prices.

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LocationCod Average PriceHaddock Average PriceAverage % of ‘Excellent reviews’Overall rank
North East£5.57£5.8059%60
Yorkshire and Humber£5.57£5.8062%58
North West£5.69£5.8259%53
East Midlands£6.11£6.0860%49
South West£6.47£6.9658%45
West Midlands£6.11£6.0858%43
South West£6.69£7.0558%33

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