Good Cup Of Tea Makers Are More Attractive, According To Survey

Good Cup Of Tea Makers Are More Attractive, According To Survey

You can’t beat a good old brew. If you want to make friends with a Yorkshireman offering him a nice warm brew and he’ll be a friend for life – if you’re brew skills are up to scratch you may be more than friend according to a new study.

There is a sense of pride when someone tells you you’ve made a great cuppa, and that compliment needs to be added to your Tinder profile as, according to a Plenty of Fish study, the ability to make a decent cup of tea can make you more attractive. Not to brag – but I make a mean brew – so make an orderly queue ladies (Joke, this Yorkshireman is taken).

But, if you’re on the market start practising those brew making skills. 2,500 singletons were surveyed and asked whether a cup of tea affects their choice in partner with one fifth saying the ability to make a good brew was a turn on.

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We all know there is nothing worse than a weak brew and their survey showed that 37% of people agreed that it would put them off a potential suitor. A massive 69% of people said it was of the utmost importance that a partner knows exactly how they wanted their brew.

So, get practising those brew making skills, and if you think you’ve got what it takes to make sure you flex it out on your dating profile. If you want to up your mug game – make sure you checkout our shops here that has a great range of Yorkshire mugs.

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